Powering the Internet of Things

Stryde's energy harvesting devices meet the power requirements of industrial sensors in the most demanding, complex and singular applications.

Power sensors soley from motion

Stryde's ST-100 and ST-200 offer up to milliwatts of power for low frequency energy harvesting applications.

Scalable and moldable technology

Stryde's technology is scalable and adaptable to allow for customized power generation.


Data Drive Expertise

Stryde's modeling and analytics tools enable precise battery life forecasting.

Application Flexibility

Stryde's energy harvesting devices have been utilized in a variety of applications.


Power for the next generation of wireless headsets from captured human motion.


Battery-free sensors to track performance and wear in remote applications.


Always-on information with battery-free low-power sensors.

Smart Garments

Enabling the next generation of responsive clothing.


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